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Absolutely Flawless: A Clown’s Odyssey

Absolutely Flawless: A Clown’s Odyssey

From $15.00
14th September, 2018
7:00 pm

Absolutely Flawless:A Clown’s Odyssey

Following SOLD OUT seasons at Fringe World, a WA Winner Theatre Award 2015 and a highly successful WA Regional Tour this stellar storytelling returns with fresh legs.

A true giant-hearted story from giant-sized storyteller Allan Girod,Absolutely Flawless: A Clown’s Odyssey masterfully recalls his journey from extreme introvert to performing in Cirque du Soleil.

"Being a personal story I get a lot of joy sharing it says Allan, And audience come up afterwards with such diverse reactions. From saying they feel inspired to tackle a challenge, the unexpected similarities in my story to their story, or simply sharing the emotion they experienced".

Allan explains how these post-show interactions in Perth, Edinburgh Festival and during a Regional WA tour have encouraged him to reflect on Absolutely and revise the story. It feels like the right time tolook back over the story, question what I was trying to say and which moments in my life I’ve used tosay it.

He recently took some time out, trialled new material and decided to give what was becoming a familiarstory a shot in the arm. I’m excited to be telling this alternate version. There’s several smaller stories that make the larger story. I’ve had fun refining these, finding new moments that make it evenmorecompelling. With a host of new marketing materials on the horizon Allan is looking forward to taking itback on the road. At the heart of the story is his discovery of acting in a Wheatbelt town and thecommunity’s pivotal role in propelling his career to lofty heights.

Trained by highly acclaimed 'The Moth' storyteller Brian Finkelstein (USA) Allan Girod weaves amesmerising collection of embarrassing personal foibles, inspirational encounters and universal truthsthat resonate long after his final breath. Absolutely Flawless transports audience from Western Australia’s darkest suburbia to iconic outback isolation then on to thegrand finale on an internationalbig top stage.

More than anything it shows that sometimes the best place to belong is where the unexpected takes you. To get there, you have to follow a dream, no matter how many times you tell yourself not to. It’s touching, laugh out loud and totally true.


Event Details:

Date: Friday 14th September 2018

Time: Show commences at 7.00pm

Presale Tickets: Adult: $15.00, Concession $12.00 - Door sale tickets: $30.00



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