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$15, $20, $25
4th August, 2021
7:30 pm



Show starts 7.30pm

Show only tickets: $25 Adult, $20 Concession, $15 Student 

*** Dinner and Show tickets ($50 Adult, $45 Concession) are only available at the Reception or by calling 9729 3311. Dinner is served 6.00pm at 'The Boundary'. Menu options include Mains and Desserts.


A musical comedy about Beryl Mills, a country girl who is crowned the unlikely winner of the first Miss Australia competition and embarks on a promotional tour of the USA, where her humble roots collide with her newfound celebrity status.

This story is a coming of age musical comedy about plucky farm girl Beryl Mills who is anxious for her life to begin. After being crowned the unlikely winner of the first Miss Australia competition, Beryl embarks on a promotional tour of the United States with Frank Packer and her mother Kitty as chaperones. Upon their arrival, they are greeted by Miss America who quickly becomes jealous of Beryl’s popularity and plans to jeopardise her reputation, but ultimately impacts her own. As Beryl struggles to reconcile her newfound celebrity status with her country roots, she is confronted with the knowledge that she has been used to encourage immigration to Australia. With a nation-wide broadcast on the horizon, she must decide whether to uphold the role she has been given or stay true to herself. Ultimately Beryl writes her own speech, earning the respect and admiration of the nation.

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