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SATURDAY: The Bystander Project - Harvey

SATURDAY: The Bystander Project - Harvey

From $10.00
23rd October, 2021
7:30 pm


Real stories from real people

Dates: SATURDAY, 23 OCTOBER 2021 


Show Tickets: $20 Adult, $15 Concession, $10 Student

*Licenced Bar  *BYO Food  * Table of 1,2,3...or more 


The Bystander Project takes the reflections of real people living in Harvey, responding to what it’s like to be a bystander in their world and presents them as ‘Verbatim Performance’, (meaning the actor wears headphones and delivers the text as they hear them, live, without embellishment).

There will be a performance component and an installation component that will be left in the community for people to experience and revisit in their own time in the weeks following the performance.

Each participant that shares their story will be captured in photo’s. These images will make up projections within the performance and then become an individual photo journal in the installation.

The performance will be a combination of headphone verbatim and music and will be performed at HARVEY RECREATION & CULTURAL CENTRE on Friday 22 October 2021 and Saturday 23 Oct 2021.

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