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25th June, 2022
2:30 pm

The Space Company presents


Harvey Recreation and Cultural Centre, Saturday 25th June 2022 at 2.30pm with complimentary afternoon tea by 'Thyme and Place'

Two powerful yet forgotten Australian stories uncovering our past to reveal who we are today.

Performed by award-winning ABC presenter & performer, Joel Carnegie, acclaimed Gunditjmara actor, Tom Molyneux. Music performed live by the brass band WA YOUTH JAZZ ORCHESTRA (WAYJO).


STARDUST tells the story of bandleader and trumpet player, Col Brain. Before he died, Col placed his most prized life possessions into a cupboard and locked it up, never to be opened again. But what was inside? Told through the eyes of his grandson – award winning ABC presenter & performer, Joel Carnegie – herein lies the discovery of a time capsule of Australian musical life, in a heart-warming quest to uncover what Col wanted us to know about his life by the things he left behind.

THE MISSION follows the journey of “Fighting Gunditjmara” man, Allan McDonald – one of the first Aboriginal soldiers from Victoria to enlist for war. He fought at Gallipoli and Beersheba, only to be denied a soldier’s settlement on his ultimate return to Australia and forced from his land at the Lake Condah Mission. This captivating and rollicking story, told by his great, great nephew, Gunditjmara man Tom Molyneux, tells the truth of Uncle Allan’s struggle; fighting for Country, for love, and for justice.

Experience this award-winning double bill at the Harvey Recreation and Cultural Centre on Saturday, 25 June 2022 and meet two ordinary individuals, whose extraordinary lives still reverberate to this day.

Appropriate Age range: 15+

Warnings: includes adult themes, occasional coarse language, smoke, and scenes depicting war and violence. ‘The Mission’ contains depictions of, and reference to, Aboriginal people who have passed away. It also describes confronting content in relation to the massacre, dispossession, and mistreatment of First Nations Peoples.

STARDUST + THE MISSION is supported by:



The West Australian Youth Jazz Orchestra (WAYJO) is one of Western Australia’s oldest performing arts companies, building the future of Australian jazz and offering outstanding opportunities for emerging jazz performers and composers.

WAYJO has been at the forefront of forging professional, contemporary big band, ensemble and solo jazz artists since 1983, with an impressive alumni including international jazz luminaries Linda May Han Oh, Dane Alderson, Troy Roberts and Mat Jodrell.

The six-piece brass section are members of The West Australian Youth Jazz Orchestra (WAYJO).

(Photo by Josh Wells for WAYJO)


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