Wooden Floor Maintenance at HRCC

During the first week of May, our wooden floors on Courts 1, 2 and 3, our squash courts and Function Room will be revarnished.

Between Monday, 1 May and Friday, 5 May, these areas will be closed to the public for short times as the maintenance is completed.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

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Group Fitness

Group Fitness

Group fitness classes are a motivating and supportive way to enjoy meeting your health and fitness goals while having fun.

Whether your goals focus on cardio fitness, strength or flexibility, the variety of classes offered ensures you’ll find your perfect program.

Group Fitness Timetable

8.30amBox and BurnStrength Yoga   
9am  Sculpt RevolutionGlowga 
11amYogafit 50+ SFL  Yogafit 50+SFL
5pm Fierce Fitness
Box and Burn  
5.30pmBody Blast  Body Blast 
6pm  Yogafit  

HRCC Classes

Sculpt Revolution

A combination of six or more exercises performed in a circuit to help strengthen and tone so you can get fit and strong fast. Exercises will be adapted weekly for variety an will adjust from set number of reps or a prescribed amount of time.

Fierce Fitness Bootcamp

This class includes high intensity exercises and functional fitness, full body compound exercises. A combination of strength and cardio, that will have you sweating, your body burning and feeling fierce to take on the world.


Combines balance, strength, flexibility, and power. YogaFit® is designed to improve the health, performance, and mental acuteness of those who practice regularly.

Box and Burn

45 minute group sessions, showing boxing in the simplest format, using boxing gloves and pads. Coached with safe boxing skills and drills to prevent injury.
All participants must purchase their own boxing gloves between 10-12oz and hand wraps.

Strength Yoga

This class begins with a mini relaxation before moving into yoga asana. We will move through sequencing that will improve strength and enhance muscle tone.


Introducing the LED hula hoop as a prop for your yoga practice. This is a fun class which incorporates meditation with slow, relaxing movements. Use your hula hoop to stretch and move along to some fun tunes.

Body Blast

Functional and dynamic movement. Great for strength, agility and endurance.

50+ Exercise Classes

Stay On Your Feet (SOYF)

This class aims to promote healthy active ageing and raise awareness within the community that falls are preventable and not a consequence of ageing.

Strength For Life (SFL)

An evidence based progressive strength and exercise program aimed at reducing the incidence of falls and improving health, wellbeing and independence of people over 50.

Yogafit 50+

A class tailored for people over 50 to promote and enhance health, performance and mental acuteness.