Community Sports

Community Sports


HRCC offers a variety of popular team sports and sport programs, including ladies netball and mixed volleyball. Games are played indoors, allowing for year-round competition.

Accepting individual and team nominations, join our fun sporting competitions today. 

Be a True Sport - The way we play together shapes the way we live together

True Sport WA is an advocacy campaign supporting clubs and associations in recognising and sharing the true value of sport and recreation to our wider community. Through adopting and sharing the eight True Sport values we can demonstrate that the way we play together shapes the way we live together – both on and off the field.

Supported by the Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries, True Sport belongs to the Western Australian sport and recreation industry.

True Sport Information

Shire of Harvey Sporting Organisations

As an active and connected community, the Shire of Harvey is home to many local sporting organisations. Many practice in or close to HRCC.

Visit the club websites to find more information: